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Another Listen to Limbaugh

My column yesterday—“Now a Word from Rush Limbaugh” (right)—drew more response than anything I have written on this blog site. Some of the responses are printed in the “Comments” section attached to the column and I encourage you to read them.

But there is more; and I here post a number of these other messages, some pro and some con. I appreciate them all; I honor the free exchange of ideas and opinions that is both a fundamental freedom of our society and a wonderful part of the World Wide Web.

First, one friend wrote from out-of-state: “Your pattern and patois are perfect.” I had to look up the word “patois”—it means “any pleasant or provincial form of speech” and is pronounced pa-twa (French, of course). I couldn’t tell: was this a compliment?

Another friend wrote from in-state: “Preacher, I do believe you are for Obama. I am a McCain man, so therefore I would listen to some of those guys, but you are still my friend.” I wrote him back: “You are my friend for life. Keep a place at the table set for me. I am coming down there soon.” And he replied: “You got it!”

Second, a regular reader sent this message: “I read all of your blogs on the first page there, and in my opinion you are the most dogmatic writer I have ever read. Your mind is made up, and you are not going to let in one scrap of goodness or truth about any of those people you are criticizing. Some of those people are born-again Christians….Because of you, I am spending more time on my knees.”

Third, one friend wrote this response: “I’ve voted Republican every presidential election since Nixon….I’ll probably vote Republican again in the future, but not this year. Why? One big reason is the appalling, disgusting content of right wing radio jocks…. Once I discerned the deception they were spinning, and saw their goals of instilling partisan fear and hatred that will endure well beyond the election, I knew a closer look at Obama, unfiltered or interpreted by them, was merited. I really like what I discovered. Obama all the way! He’s got my vote.”

But after he wrote this “Comment” and before I had approved it—according to the standard blogging protocol—he got cold feet; he called to say: “Don’t post my response on your blog site.” Of course, I didn’t.

But my friend’s on-and-off comment addressed the issue of public rhetoric, though, and that brought to mind the article written by Evangelical leader James Dobson of “Focus on the Family.” His web site posted an article entitled “Letter from 2012 in Obama’s America.” It is a fictional letter describing social conditions that some think might develop if Obama is President.

Fear is the primary emotion flowing into and out of this letter, something pointed out by numerous responders, including Jim Wallis, on his Sojourner’s web site. Both the Dobson piece and the Wallis response are worth reading; they provide a wonderful window into opposite ends of the Evangelical world.

Finally, one friend who supports McCain and can not understand why I will vote for Obama sent a link to this article. It is an African American man explaining why he cannot vote for Obama. He reasoning revolves around two predicable issues: abortion and homosexuality—in my judgment, a very narrow moral spectrum.

This same McCain friend also thinks the large media networks are all biased in favor of Obama so she sent this cartoon. I smiled when I saw it and so can you.

Pied Piper from Chicago

Pied Piper from Chicago

Prayer Circles in Cyber Space

Here is the best way I know to keep in touch with friends and family during a medical crisis. It is called Caring Bridge and the web site is

For several months now my friend Philip Wise has maintained a report page on this site; He writes about his medical condition and his treatment at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. Every time he posts a new report—I suppose we could call it a blog but he writes only about once a week—the Caring Bridge site sends an email to everybody who has signed up on his contact list.

Feel free to visit the site and sign up yourself if for no other reason than to see how it operates. It would be nice, however, if you joined us in prayer for Philip. His weekly updates help me keep my congregation here in Lexington, Kentucky up-to-date on Philip’s situation. There is also a place, as you will see, to email a message back to Philip.

Philip is a minister from Alabama living in Lubbock, Texas. He was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer less than six months ago. He has been on the caring end of many sick people during his long career as a pastor but now this new web site, Caring Bridge, helps his many friends keep in touch with him. He says he has received thousands of cards, calls, and emails from people all over the country who have tracked his treatment through the web site.

I share this with you because you might need a communication tool like this in the near future; or I might, who knows?

NEWS: I want to report to all of you that the grand opening of my son Ike’s studio at Gallerie Solliel in downtown Lexington last night was a smashing success. It was a clear, warm evening and more than five hundred people came to his exhibition. It was part of the Gallery Hop. See for yourself:

Tomorrow is Sunday so I shall rest from my blogging but late in the evening or early Monday morning I will weigh in on what one writer called the “Palin Predicament” of Southern Evangelicals. It drew a sharp rebuttal from a defender of the ecclesiastical glass ceiling for women—see Should be interesting!