Remember the Alamo

Texans have their famous battle cry but now all Americans have a roll call of emotional memories that surely must leave us with shame and sadness at the way our blessed country has been led from the White House.

Remember Iraq.

At the beginning we were angry about the terrorist attack upon America. But our leaders allowed our rage to morph into a military invasion of a small, rather harmless but oil-rich country. The war was badly conceived and badly managed. It has brought nothing but death, destruction and debt—except to the profiteers who have taken American tax dollars and ended up wealthy.

Remember Katrina.

We knew it was coming but Washington did not do what needed to be done. Few events demonstrate with more clarity and certainty the ineptitude and indifference of the White House to the realities of life in these United States. Again, the response was badly planned and badly managed. It remains an embarrassment to the American people.

Remember Guantanamo.

Never, in the long, illustrious history of the United States, has a President tried so hard to undermine the rule of law and deny basic legal rights to so many people. They sought to detain people without charges, hold them without legal counsel, try them without due process, and convict them without public trial. From beginning to end it was a denial of our pledge of “liberty and justice for all.”

Remember the Economy.

From Enron to Lehman Brothers, the last eight years have brought more economic disaster to the American people than any time in our history save only the Great Depression. Millions are out of a job, millions are out of their homes, and millions have been lost from our bank accounts: and what has our rich, oilman President done? Spend more time on vacation than any President in American history.

The Great Decider has actually been the Great Disappointment, presiding over the most arrogant, corrupt, incompetent, indifferent, secretive, belligerent White House in American history. All of us will have to endure the aftershocks of this administrative earthquake for the rest of our lives.

God help us—find another Alamo to which to send this pathetic excuse of a President.


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